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What happens if class is cancelled or delayed?

If for any reason your booked class is delayed or cancelled by Sunlight Care you may obtain a refund or apply your payments to a future scheduled class.

What if I can't make the first day of class or a day in between for the Day or Evening Course? Or if I miss a skills day for Online Classes?

Unfortunately, you must attend every day. The Board of Nursing will not be able to certify you if you do not complete all 76 hours of training. Please make sure to arrange for child care or move non-urgent appointments before or after the class.

What if I need to make up a in office class due to an emergency?

If you have to miss a class that can't be avoided especially due to illness, there will be make up fees. For half a day, it will cost an additional $50.00 and must be scheduled with one of the instructors. If you have to make a full day, it will cost an additional $100.00 and will have to be scheduled with one of the instructors or during the next available course. If you miss anything more than 1 day, you will not be able to graduate the course.          

What if I can't make the whole class I signed up for and need to cancel?

Cancellation with full refund (less $100 registration fee) will be provided if requested one week or more prior to start of class. Cancellation fee of full tuition will be charged if cancelled less than 1 week before class starts. This means you will not get a refund if you cancel less than one week before class starts. You may request a transfer to an alternate class one time. To request a transfer of classes, please come into the office and fill out the proper forms. If you do not attend the class you transferred to, you will NOT receive a refund.

What are the in office class rules?

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